Pop-Up Book Structures with Colette Fu July 19-23, 2021

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Key Points:
*Create a mock pop-up
*Folding, scoring and cutting
*Mounting imagery
*Paper choice
*Printing options
*Creating a cover

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Introduction to Pop-up Book Structures: Movable books were originally created to illustrate ideas about astronomy, fortune telling, navigation, anatomy of the body and other scientific principles. Most commercial pop-up book publications today are geared towards children, but pop-up book structures can be used to make engaging works of art for any age – from greeting cards to animations to kinetic sculptures. Complex and engaging pop-up structures are created from a combination of very basic mechanisms enhanced by play and imagination. In this workshop, participants will learn the basic elements of pop-up paper engineering to more complex mechanisms including platforms and pull-tabs. Most of all, students will learn how to incorporate their own ideas into their structures to create unique pop-up books, cards and works of art. Students will use magazines, colored paper, illustrations, photos, whatever they feel comfortable using. No experience necessary, open to all levels!

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Pop-Up Book Structures with Colette Fu July 19-23, 2021