Pipe Dreams: The Art of Crafting High-Grade Tobacco Pipes with Grant Batson September 14-18, 2020


$825 tuition; $100 materials payable to Grant

Key Points:
*Hand shaping
*Pipe turning
*Hand drilling
*Smooth and sandblasted finishes
*Stem-to-shank strategies and methods
*Air-way Engineering

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


Few things trigger the nostalgic memory of Grandpa, like the aroma of pipe tobacco in the air. And, just like Grandpa, the hand-carving of tobacco pipes has been around for a very long time. Students will have the opportunity to work with raw materials, such as briar, vulcanized rubber, bamboo, brass, copper, horn, and a host of other materials. Grant will introduce students to “grinder-carving,” metal lathes, free-hand shaping, sandblasting and contrast finishing, for a sampling. From artistic design, to interesting processes and tool-efficiencies, students will learn a myriad of skills, as well as understand the internal engineering that distinguishes a “good pipe” from a “bad”. There are no pipe making classes like this, from which everyone walks away with one to three pipes of their very own, as well as the skills to make many more.