Picture Frame Making for Woodworkers with Tim Holton October 26-30, 2020


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Key Points:
*History of the picture frame
*What a frame does. What is a frame’s relationship to the picture and architectural surroundings?
*What makes a frame effective?
*Designing the right frame for the picture
*Frame anatomy and wood selection
*Joinery, including splined miters, lap-joints and mortise-and-tenon joints
*Profiling, carving, sanding and finishing

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The mission of this class is essentially that of instructor Tim Holton’s 27 year-old framing business, Holton Studio Frame-Makers. His mission statement reads in part: “To revive the art and craft of frame-making by restoring its basis in the art of the joiner, the cabinetmaker, the woodwright; in the inspiration of nature and its materials; and in the instincts, imagination and intelligence of the craftsman; to design and make frames the best we can.” The art of the picture frame began in the shops of joiners. Simple though they typically were, early frames were real pieces of workmanship inherently harmonious with the architectural settings that were likewise the work of those joiners. As opportunities for suitable artistic expression, joiner’s frames were also worthy of service to the paintings they supported and surrounded. This class will explore the true bases of the art of frame-making in the old art of the joiner. The theme of joining will pervade the course, beginning with an understanding how frames serve and are thus joined to pictures, as well as the joining of design and technique. Tim will discuss the unique problems of the frame, arising from its role as an accompaniment to another art form, and its extraordinary opportunities and profound——and profoundly under-appreciated——significance.