Parent/Teen Hav'n a Ball with Speakers with Nick Artemakis & Scott Zelinka August 1-2, 2020


$375 tuition; $325 payable to Scott

Key Points:
*Fundamentals of speaker theory & design
*Routing perfect recessed holes for speaker mounting
*Speaker enclosure assembly
*Basic electrical wiring and speaker component installation
*Application of finish

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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Kids these days! They really are very adept at texting, tweeting, and teaching us parents how to use the computer, right? While those communication and technology skills are important, there seems to be very few opportunities that promote hands-on exploration to spark a child’s curiosity and to build something of their own. Here is a weekend course where a parent / grandparent can bring their child / grandchild to develop that wonder and interest through woodworking. The project will be a pair of audio speakers. Small enough in size to fit in any child’s bedroom where they can enjoy their music without you having to yell “Turn it Down!”. Maybe, you remember those days? In addition to building the speakers, there will be a basic lecture on what’s inside the enclosure, plus hands on experience with electromagnets and crossover networks to discover how sound and speakers really work. Scott and Nick’s main goal is for you to spend quality time with your child / grandchild and spark their interest in the joy of woodworking, craftsmanship, creativity, and basic hand skills. When teens are taught to use tools properly, it is remarkable to see the things they can do with them. Our pledge is that each child will go home with a pair of fully completed and tested audio speakers. Listening to music will take on a whole new meaning when they hear their favorite song on a pair of speakers, they’ve built themselves.

Open to children 11-17.