Open Form Boxes with Surface Design with Sharon Doughtie June 13-14, 2020


$350 tuition + $50 materials

Key Points:
*Wood selection for boxes
*Gain orientation for boxes
*Change outside profile with carving
*Best interior shapes for texturing
*Using milk and acrylic paints
*Undercutting inside box base
*Techniques for texture past
*Using rotary and reciprocating carvers

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In this fast-paced workshop, students will turn several open formed boxes for texturing, burning and painting on both the inside and outside. We will use roughing gouges, bowl and spindle gouges and shear scrapers. Students will use some boxes right off the lathe and will carve away sections of others to add asymmetry to the profile on other boxes. Participants will use both rotary and reciprocating carvers for both texturing and carving. Sharon will demonstrate how to use woodburners for both line drawing and texturing. Students will learn to finish their work by using both milk and acrylic paints. Sharon will also demonstrate texture paste and will have some available for students to use.