My Mother’s Chippendale Mirror Frame with Headley & Hamilton October 23-24, 2021

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There will be a fee for the wood prepared by Jeff & Steve for this class, payable to Jeff Headley during class.

Key Points:
*Hand cut dovetailed base frame
*Molded applied face frame with mitered corners
*Veneering of outer edge embellishments
*Scalloping of outer edge embellishments
*Glue blocking with rub joints

FYI: All tool lists have been emailed after your class registration was processed.

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More Information on this Workshop

During this two-day class students will learn the construction techniques needed to build a Chippendale mirror frame. Jeff tells the story about the mirror this way, “My mother wanted a Chippendale mirror, Dad wouldn’t do it, so she did it herself.” True to form, even a beginner can do it! With a family business over 100 years of building and restoring Period (1820 and earlier) “handmade” furniture, the Headley family has many secrets to share that will help students with this project and building this mirror is proof of that. This frame has many hidden construction processes which are not obvious. This mirror is more intricate than one might think. Students will hand cut a dovetailed base frame. A molded facade will be applied to the base frame. Jeff and Steve will demonstrate how to veneer the pieces needed to adorn the outer edge of the frame. These pieces will be sawn out and applied to the outer frame. It will be unlikely that the frame will be completely done on the last day of class, but as Jeff says, “our classes have been proven to give many hours of enjoyment to each participant long after the class is over.”


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