Mosaic: The Ravenna Method 5-Day Intensive with Michael Kruzich May 20-24, 2019


$825 tuition, $75 supplies, students will need to purchase mosaic kits from
Key Points:
*Mosaic terminology
*Origins of Ravenna method and step-by-step processes
*Ancient cutting techniques with hammer and hardie and proper alignment of body and tools
*Developing and printing a design to a temporary clay bed
*“Andamento” , “Value” and classic principles of laying tesserae
for both subject and backgrounds
*Mosaic, substrates and binders
*Preparation, properties and appropriate selection
*Demos of alternate “finishing” options for mosaic, including “cocciopesto” treatment
*Demo of mounting a hardie in base


The Ravenna Method applies ancient methods of laying tesserae, which is useful in contemporary applications, and is still used by many Italian professional mosaicists today. In this workshop students will learn the Ravenna method where materials are set into a temporary bed of clay which allows movement and change of the tesserae until the final effect is achieved. Once completed the mosaic is transferred to a permanent mortar bed. Instruction in the use of the hammer and hardie (traditional tools for cutting) will be covered, practiced and used with stone and Italian glass (Smalti) to reproduce a portion of a classical mosaic. Nippers will not be used in this class, instead hammers and hardies will be provided by the school. Students will choose a mosaic reproduction from a list that Michael will send after registration. These kits will need to be ordered/purchased ahead of time and brought to the class. Students will have 2 1/2 days to complete cutting and laying their reproduction, then begin the extraction and setting process over the final two days. During the final processes of the Ravenna method, students will also work on a second smaller contemporary monochrome mosaic (of their own design) in white, grey and black, working directly into thin set mortar.

Workshop Available

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