Mastering the Curve: Bending, Shaping & Joining Wood with Michael Fortune October 25-29, 2021

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$865 tuition + $80 materials

Key Points:
*Learn the difference between kiln and air dried wood
*Learn to make bending fixtures that simplify the process
*Learn how to make a steam box
*Learn ways to vacuum form wood
*Learn to join wood that is not square
*Learn to choose adhesives
*Learn clamping strategies for each of the bending techniques

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The ability to bend wood to exact shapes opens up an incredible range of exciting possibilities for woodworkers. Chair parts, table aprons, cabinet doors, sports equipment and musical instruments can be made with precisely bent curved components. This workshop will give you the information and the hands-on experience you need to apply the most appropriate bending technique for any application. Steam bending, laminating, vacuum forming, kerf-bending, and hot pipe bending will all be demonstrated. Michael will even show how to produce curves with a bandsaw. Choosing the right wood species, curing and stabilizing bent parts, and hand-working or safely machining curves will also be covered. Each wood bending workstation will remain set up so that the participants can hone their newfound skills or continue to push the limits of the various techniques. All of the wood bending set ups can be duplicated inexpensively in your own workshop.

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