Mastering Chocolate Flavor: The Chocolate Adventure with Jody Hayden October 4-8, 2021

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$865 tuition + $250 materials

Key Points:
*Understanding chocolate chemistry
*Exploring chocolate flavor
*Making chocolate from dried cocoa beans
*Tempering chocolate consistently
*Molding chocolate into bars with inclusions
*Making chocolate ganache
*Decorating molds with color using an airbrush and brushes
*Molding dome bonbons
*Participating in multiple chocolate product tastings

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Everyone loves chocolate, and there is nothing better than seeing people enjoying chocolate you’ve made with your own two hands. Working with chocolate in all its forms combines a bit of science, a bit of art, and your own creativity. In this very unique workshop, students will not only learn the skills to make bonbons but will start at the beginning – making chocolate from dried cocoa beans. MASW has partnered with the respected Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts ( to offer this special learning experience led by Master Chocolatier, Rich Tango-Lowy. The workshop kicks-off with understanding chocolate chemistry and an exploration of chocolate flavor. Both Ecole Chocolat and Rich believe that fine chocolate work should always focus on flavor and texture before beauty. Students should be prepared for a formal tasting at the end of each day of getting their hands dirty in the chocolate making process. What makes this learning experience so unique is that students will be making their own chocolate. Working in two person teams, students will clean, roast, winnow and grind the cocoa beans into chocolate. They will then go back to working individually to mold that chocolate into bars and to make chocolate ganache filled bonbons. And not just any bonbons, these will be created using an airbrush to decorate the molds in vibrant colors for a modern presentation. Students leave the workshop with their chocolate creations, bar molds, bonbon molds and airbrush so that they can replicate what they learned at home.

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