Master Saw Sharpening & Maintenance Skills: Build Your Own Bad Axe with Mark Harrell October 5-9, 2020


$825 tuition; $300 payable to Mark

Key Points:
*Assess, evaluate, restore and maintain an array of vintage backsaws and handsaws
*Build your own inexpensive saw sharpening vise and maintenance system
*Hammer-set and sharpen-to-joint carcase, tenon, panel and handsaws across a variety of pitches
*Reshape an asymmetrical toothline with differently-sized files to achieve consistent rake, bevel and symmetry
*Maximize a saw’s performance
*Understanding of how plate gauge, pitch and sawtooth geometry work together
*Build your own Bad Axe 14” (35.5 cm) Precision Carcase saw

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


Let’s demystify saw sharpening and master the skills required to restore your vintage saw collection with confidence, and build your own Bad Axe with Mark Harrell, owner of Bad Axe Tool Works. Mark’s five day course enables tool resellers, entrepreneurs and hobbyist woodworkers at large to maintain, retension, retooth, hammer-set, and sharpen-to-joint hand, panel, frame and backsaws across a variety of pitches. The course culminates in a graduation exercise in which the student builds his/her own Bad Axe Precision Carcase Saw (included in course tuition). Instructional methods center on historical techniques and best practices employed by craftsmen from over three centuries of western traditional saw making.