Mallard Decoy Carving & Painting, Head to Tail with Ben Heinemann July 20-24, 2020


$825 tuition; $160 materials payable to Ben

Key Points:
*Pattern making and finding sources for any species of waterfowl
*Layout of working a two-piece basswood decoy
*Bandsawing technique and safety
*Wood joint detailing and products used in sealing rough wood
*Texturing and burning
*Primary feather sets raised and separated
*Tail feather and under cutting specific areas
*Demonstration and detailing of feather groups and individuals
*Bill detail and carving, eye placement measuring and centering
*Base coats and details of all acrylic style applications

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


This class is intended to be a hands-on carving and painting class. Students will be guided through the various steps to create a one-of-a-kind decoy. Each student will be furnished a rough pre-carved basswood head and a mallard decoy body. These pre-carved decoy heads and bodies will be provided by Ben. Students will be guided and directed in techniques using both hand and power tools and how this detail can bring life-like features in both carving and painting. Carving will include pattern design and learning how to read a photograph for patterning purposes. Ben will demonstrate how the bird is bandsawed for safety and how to rough and round-over sides. The he will show feather groups and how they can be recognized and shaped in. Students will learn about head details which will consist of bill detailing and eye placement, as well as emphasis on measuring technicalities. Sealing, and understanding the preparation for painting with the use of base coats and texturing techniques with brushes and combs will also be covered. The decoy will be painted one half a drake, the other half a hen which will allow students to experience both birds. Students will receive a set of brushes that will be demonstrated and used from tip to tail learning all the best strokes needed.