Making an Adjustable Stool Using CNC Machinery with Tracy Anderson October 28 - November 1, 2019


$825 tuition, a cut list will be sent so you can BYOW
Key Points:
*Using CAD software for project design
*Using CAM software to program all project components
*Designing and programming models for carving on a CNC machine
*Understanding double sided machining
*Sliding dovetail joinery
*Machining wooden threads
*Building a set up table
*Advantages of CNC technology over traditional methods and tools

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


In this workshop students will learn how to design, program and build an adjustable stool that features wooden threads, sliding dovetail joinery, and a carved seat using CAD/CAM software with a CNC machine. Woodworkers often mistake CNC technology as a means of automating production and increasing profitability for large companies. In this workshop students will learn how the hobbyist and professional woodworker alike can harness the power of CNC technology to maximize their creativity and capabilities as they build a functional piece of furniture. Due to time constraints, we will not have time to apply a finish to the project. However, instructions will be given on how to complete the finishing process in your workshop. Whether you are a seasoned CNC programmer/operator or you simply want to learn more about how CNC technology can take your woodworking to a higher level than you ever thought possible, you should attend this workshop!

There is an annual, nonrefundable registration fee of $45.

This registration fee is not a part of the class fee and is not deducted from the final balance due. This is the financial binding that locks you into the class and starts the registration process. This fee does not apply to students who only take one single day workshop.