Making a Set of Bronze Serving Bowls with David Orth September 21-22, 2019


$330 tuition, $75 material fee
Key Points:
*Learn shop press safety
*Learn a variety of uses and set ups for the shop press
*Learn several easy ways to cut 16-gauge metal
*Apply surface textures to metal
*Soften metal by annealing
*Form and detail two bronze bowls with feet
*Use a dapping block and dyes
*Silver solder bronze and copper
*Burnish, patina and finish these metals

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item


Students will make and finish two beautiful bowls of different sizes from flat sheets of 16-gauge bronze and a handful of copper pennies. In this fun, eye-opening class students will learn the basics of a versatile, powerful tool: the shop press. Imagine if you could take the weight of a dozen cars, concentrated safely into the palm of your hand, then carefully apply that amount of pressure onto a piece of metal or wood – in essence, that’s a shop press. The inexpensive shop press has been crossing the street from grimy mechanic shops and showing up (all reformed & freshly outfitted) in craft studios of all sorts. As students make several bowls, they will learn other key metalworking hand-techniques related and unrelated to the shop press. By the end of the class, metal will start looking more workable: fluid, bendable and stretchable. Metal is the new playdough!

There is an annual, nonrefundable registration fee of $45.

This registration fee is not a part of the class fee and is not deducted from the final balance due. This is the financial binding that locks you into the class and starts the registration process. This fee does not apply to students who only take one single day workshop.