Making a Morley Wall Cabinet with Philip Morley June 1-7, 2020 (7 days)


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Key Points:
*Mortise and tenon joinery
*Frame and panel door
*Make your own shop-sawn veneer
*Smooth drawer construction without use of hardware
*How to cut dovetails
*Saw kerfing bending technique using vacuum bag
*Use of forms in conjunction with a vacuum bag
*Edge profiling by hand

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In this workshop students will build a Morley Wall Cabinet. This wall cabinet is inspired by the works of James Krenov with a Scandinavian influence. Philip designed this piece originally for a client who wanted to display some small pieces of artwork in a tasteful way with the cabinet itself being a statement of art. Just as important, it is grounded in traditional joinery making it a piece built with integrity. Students in the class will learn mortise and tenon joinery, frame and panel door, how to cut their own shop-sawn veneer, smooth drawer construction without the use of hardware, how to cut dovetails, a bending technique using a saw kerf and vacuum bag, use of forms in conjunction with a vacuum bag, and edge profiling by hand.