Making a Leather Belt & Wallet with Grady Douglass August 14-15, 2021

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$365 tuition + $85 materials

Key Points:
*Create a handmade leather wallet & pattern
*Learn proper tool handling and selection
*Learn stamping and carving fundamentals
*Dive into design concepts and drawing
*Dye and finish leather and edges
*Build strong foundation in building one-off pieces
*Focus on build process

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What better way to show off your leather skills than wearing and using your own creations?! In this class, students will spend the weekend learning the process of cutting, stamping, assembling, and finishing a handmade leather wallet. Students will start with the first step of cutting down a side of leather into wallet blanks and proceed through the various steps to create a unique, handmade leather wallet. Grady will discuss drawing and design concepts, stamp/tool selection, cutting leather, creating patterns, and then move onto tooling the wallet. From there, students will learn how to cut the various pieces to build the wallet and then assemble the pieces to create their own unique wallet. Once assembled, Grady will cover finishing edges, dying leather, and preparing the wallet for finishing. This class will create a good foundation for any leathercrafter and build on any previous skills a student may possess. The skills acquired from this workshop can be applied to any and all leather projects student take in the future and will provide lots of insight into the various directions each project may take. From beginner to experienced – all skill levels invited!

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Making a Leather Belt & Wallet with Grady Douglass August 14-15, 2021