Make Your Own Vacuum Pump & Pressing Table with Mark Osgood May 1-2, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$365 tuition + $240 materials

Key Points:
*Uses and demonstration of vacuum press and frame
*Construction of the vacuum press
*Construction of the vacuum frame
*Construction of the lower torsion box
*Discussion of other vacuum accessories

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Workshop Completed

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More Information on this Workshop

A vacuum press has many uses in the wood shop. It can be used to draw down vacuum in a vacuum bag or a vacuum table, for a chuck on a lathe, or clamps at your workbench. It is excellent for flattening veneers or drying veneer after dyeing. If you enjoy making guitars, this press can be used to power a low impact bridge clamp. Of course, a vacuum press does wonders as a press for marquetry work. A vacuum frame/vacuum table combination makes gluing up blanks or flatwork a breeze. Simply lift up the top Frame, place your project on top of the flat torsion box, set the frame back down and apply vacuum. However, a frame alone can be used on any nonporous surface such as a table saw outfeed or a workbench. Students will build their own vacuum frame and torsion box that can be used flat or if necessary, stored upright and out of the way, once a vacuum has been drawn. This press can go head-to-head with the best vacuum presses offered commercially. Students will also build a vacuum frame using heavy duty polyurethane for the membrane. The frame will be paired with a flat torsion box. This weekend would be the perfect prelude to a veneer class at MASW and will be a two-day fast paced building of a high-quality vacuum Press.

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