Make Your Own 3 or 4 Axis CNC: Let the Future Begin with John Knight July 24-August 1, 2021 (9 days)

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Fees depend on table size and machine type; all orders will be coordinated through John. Prices can vary, but these should give students an idea of machine costs
24×48 standard size machine $5400.00
48×48 standard machine $6100.00
48×96 standard machine $7300.00
24×48 professional machine $6900
48×48 professional machine $7550.00
48×96 professional machine $8650.00
NOTE: These prices are plus computer and router, but DO NOT include a licensed version of Mach3 or Mach4

Key Points:
*Learning to read electrical schematics
*Building electrical control panels
*Wiring your own CNC router
*Using RS-274 G-code and M-code programming
*Coordinating offsets to align program coordinates with machine coordinates
*Setting up and cutting parts on a CNC router
*CAD/CAM programming
*Building your own machine so that you can repair and maintain your equipment

FYI: All tool lists have been emailed after your class registration was processed.

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A CNC can be a valued addition to any shop. It can perform repetitive tasks such as boring holes for 32mm cabinets, create a jig or template, add carving to embellish any piece, perform engraving tasks, or even machine soft metals. The class will begin with learning to read and understand the electrical schematics for each student’s personal machine. Participants will be taught how to mount, wire, and test the electrical components prior to installation on their machine. After the control panel is complete and the panel is mounted into an electrical enclosure, mechanical erection of the machine will begin. Once the machine is built, the electrical controls are connected, the CNC application software is configured, and the machine is ready for testing. Building and having a CNC is only part of the process in cutting parts on a machine. Class time will also be spent on using and programming the new CNC router including the use of G-Code and M-Code programming, macros, the use of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) tools as well as part set up, multi-part set up, clamping, and safety. This is a challenging nine day class that includes work and instruction into the evening hours. During those evening meetings there will be discussions on different machine types, motors, drives, spindles, probes, pendants, and other options available for your machine as well as how to order parts and materials. “This was one of the best classes ever done at MASW. It was amazing to witness the building of the control panels, let alone the building of these incredible machines.” Prior to the workshop, John will contact each student to discuss their specific needs.

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