Make an Elegant Entrance Table with Michael Fortune May 10-14, 2021

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Key Points:
*Recommended dimensions for entrance tables, hall tables and sideboards
*Drawer construction
*When to use a machine or hand skills for joinery
*Marking out and cutting mitered dovetails
*Cutting and fairing long curves on the bandsaw
*How to make several decorative edge details
*How to cut a shouldered dado with tenons joints
*Procedures for precisely machining and joining solid wood panels

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More Information on this Workshop

This solid wood table can be made in a variety of sizes from a small elegant entrance way piece to a long sleek hall table or a sideboard in a dining room. The mitered dovetail joinery is done with a combination of hand tools, a simple shop made router jig and a small bandsaw. The shouldered dado joint will be easily done with a shop made router jig and detailed with hand tools. One or more drawers can be added to the design.
Demonstrations on different types of drawer construction will take place so students can choose the one best suited for this and future projects. By the end of the week students will leave the workshop with the confidence and knowledge to make and use the jigs in their own workshops for many other projects.

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