Make a Traditional Multi-Function Table with Exquisite Chip Carved Details with Eli Avisera June 15-19, 2020


$825 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Develop hand skills for more accurate tool use
*Exploring carving techniques using chip carving, knives and other carving tools
*Gaining insights with various kinds of layout instruments
*Sharpening woodworking tools including chisels, plane irons and carving tools
*Building and designing jigs for accurate applications
*Combining the use of mortise and tenon joinery and dowels
*Using hand planes for precision parts fitting
*Developing hand skills with rasps, files and scrapers
*Combining hand and power tools, for precision and speed

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Have fun expanding your woodworking skills on this lovely multifunction end table. Imagine taking a traditional design, then learning how to expand your perspectives and create something unique and useful. This table has its roots in the Middle East and is used every day by many families. The history of this table includes its use as an end table, backless chair or even a stool. The table has a pleasing symmetry, which is enhanced by an exquisite chip carved design. Student will work with machines, jigs, and handtools, including those used in chip carving. Demos will include learning how to prepare and make each phase of the project, including layout and joinery. Eli will also share his unique methods of design and chip carving, helping the students to gain insights as to how to embellish their woodworking projects. Woodworkers often develop several sets of skills and then find they are repeating them on similar projects. This class will help the student find new ways to use their familiar skills, as well as help them add new techniques, and enjoy “raising their bar” on their results.