Make a Replica of George Washington’s Tea Table with Headley & Hamilton October 18-22, 2021

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Key Points:
*Assembly table case
*Cut fly rail (hinge paddle) for leaf supports
*Veneer drawer fronts
*Cut knuckle joints
*Case and top embellishments

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During this weeklong class Jeff and Steve will discuss the traditional period joinery techniques needed to reproduce this timeless piece. This table is similar to one that George Washington used each night to put his tea upon before retiring for the evening. During the week students will learn how to cut taper legs, layout mortise and tenons, cut dovetails for the top rails, how to assemble the case, cut knuckle joints for the top/leaves and veneer the drawer fronts. By the end of the week students will be ready to put the final embellishments on the table and prepare it for a traditional finish. Regardless of the use of this table, the construction and joinery will be quite similar to the original.


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