Make a Mid-Century End Table with Chris Gochnour June 7-11, 2021

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Key Points:
*Learn staked table construction (similar to Windsor chair construction)
*Mill sliding dovetails
*Make side-hung drawers
*Build blind dovetail drawers
*Learn two methods to accommodate wood movement
*Explore pattern routing techniques

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This beautiful end table draws its design inspiration from tables built in Scandinavia in the mid-19th century. The table’s appearance is striking and simple, but its construction is surprisingly complex. Sliding dovetails allow the tabletop and shelf wood to move. Battens support the top and also serve as drawer runners by connecting with slots milled into the drawer sides. The tenons of the splayed, compound-angle legs pierce through the battens and top and are secured rock solid with glue and wedges. The top is comprised of two halves joined in the middle with an unglued tongue-and-groove joint that allows the wood to expand and contract. The turned legs also pierce halfway through the shelf, creating an appealing wrap-around look. These construction features make the table rewarding to build and beautiful to look at whether placed in a living room, bedroom or other place in your home. Come enjoy an invigorating week building this unique, well-designed and satisfying-to-build table. Note: Due to the time required to build the table, the turned legs must be made in advance of class. If students have the ability and access to lathes, a pattern will be furnished with the cut list. Legs will also be available for purchase prior to class so long as the order is placed (including the wood preference) by May 1, 2021.

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