Make a Bedside Lamp with Taeho Kwon August 9-14, 2021 (6 days)

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$275 material fee payable to Taeho

Key Points:
*Making a water fall design
*Making your own proper glue for paper backing on the grid panel
*Making a Asanoha kumiko pattern
*Applying Hanji (Korean traditional paper) to a grid panel
*Making a lot of unique joints

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More Information on this Workshop

This is an introduction to utilizing joinery in furniture making. Taeho has always wanted to do a workshop for furniture using a complex joinery, and this bedside lamp has over 100 parts with close to 400 joints. But students shouldn’t let these numbers be intimidating because Taeho has tips and tricks for making and using jigs to do most of the joints with power tools. This workshop will teach how to make contour shapes, cut compound angles, and make a complex joinery (three way miter lap joint, bird’s beak joint, miter tenon joint, and much more) all with two power tools; the table saw and a router. Taeho has also redesigned the panels on his newer version of this bedside lamp to include a Kumiko design as to the traditional shoji panel. If you want to learn how to use complex joinery in furniture, this workshop will be the one!

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Make a Bedside Lamp with Taeho Kwon August 9-14, 2021 (6 days)