Low Relief Carving for Furniture with Alexander Grabovetskiy September 19-20, 2020


$350 tuition + $25 materials

Key Points:
*Design approach to low relief
*How to make carvings look 3D, even at 1/8” depth
*The law of space
*The big idea of position in space
*The law of main movement
*How to be “on the same page” with the human brain
*The law of armature
*The law of golden ratio
*The law of arabesque, how to implement natural flowing

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Low relief carving for furniture, also known as the Flemish or Liège style, was very popular from 16th to the 19th century in Belgium-French culture. This style migrated to England and was incorporated by great furniture makers, such as Thomas Chippendale. In this class students will discover the beauty and richness of low relief carving. Alexander will cover both the process and techniques of low relief carving, showing that it is a completely different process from typical carving. He will also show how to sharpen wood carving tools without wasting valuable time.