Learning How to Draw What You Intend to Carve with Alexander Grabovetskiy September 24, 2022

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Design/drawing for wood carving is not the same as design/drawing for fine art or even sculpture. Fine art is considered 2D and sculpture/wood carving is considered 3D. Wood carving is also a type of sculpture. But when compared, 2D modeling is an additive process and wood carving is a deductive process. The art of deduction is a little more complicated to draw. If, while carving, a 1/16” is removed from the wrong place, the effect on the final carving can be “gone with the wind”. Designing for wood carving causes the designer to think differently. Plus, it is important to keep in mind the shape of the tool and the effect of the cut. Learning how to draw what you intend to carve is a practice that is rarely, if ever, taught. In this one day class Alexander will help students understand the process of drawing deductively, which will make carving easier to understand.

Unique Instructor Alexander Grabovetskiy

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Key Points:
*Design for wood carving is a science and it is based on laws
*The Law of Space, how to emphasize parts of a design
*The big idea, position in space
*The law of main movement
*How to be on the same page with the human brain
*The law of armature and how to structure overall design
*The law of golden ratio
*How to implement Fibonacci Sequence
*The law of Arabesque, natural flowing movement
*The law of rhythm

Workshop Days: Saturday
Instruction Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST)
Note: During the work week, the shop remains open after 6:00 p.m. for handwork, design, research, catch-up work and socializing.

Learning How to Draw What You Intend to Carve with Alexander Grabovetskiy September 24, 2022


Availability: Open

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