Learn How to Make Simple Drawing Dynamic & Appealing with Jeff Nishinaka July 11-12, 2020


Key Points:
*Create more powerful compositions
*Let the art tell a story
*Learn the rule of thirds
*The golden ratio concept
*Use asymmetry and imbalance to create interest
*Create visual flow to lead the viewer’s eye
*Dark to light value to enhance perspective
*Exaggerate perspective to create movement and energy

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In this class students will learn how to take a simple drawing and compose it to become dynamic and appealing. Basic concepts such as the rule of thirds, point of view and asymmetry to create a more dramatic effect will be demonstrated and practiced. Both days will consist of creating thumbnail drawings to perform quick studies. The chosen thumbnails will then be transferred into larger full-size drawings. The class will learn how to create flow in their drawings that will direct the eye to move across the piece and reach a focal point. Students will learn point of view and angles to enhance drama and excitement. They will also learn to force or exaggerate perspective to create movement and animate a drawing. Students will work with graphite pencils to sketch thumbnail drawings, but final full-size drawings may use either pencil or charcoal on paper.