Joinery with Marc Adams October 25-29, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$865 tuition + $60 materials

Key Points:
*Understand wood as a material
*The layout process
*Joint selection
*Correct cutting techniques for precise fitting joints
*Adhesive selection
*Five levels of repair

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It’s a general rule that the weakest part of any furniture piece is at the joint. No matter what your skill level, this class will change the way you approach all your projects. Students start by learning the actions and terms of many common joints, the elements of a joint, and how to select the best joint for the job at hand. There is a special presentation on adhesive selection and sharpening and tuning your tools. This class will help you develop hand and machine skills. Although this is not a project-oriented class, each student will go home with a sack full of cut joints that can be used as examples for years to come. Marc begins by teaching the layout process. Students gain confidence and learn that if they can lay it out accurately and cut to the line, any joint is possible. By the end of the week, you will be a joinery wizard. Each student works at his or her own pace, learning how to cut dovetails, half-blind dovetails, lap dovetails, sliding dovetails, decorative dovetails, mortise and tenons, angled mortise and tenons, lap joints, bridal joints, three-way miters, scarf and hip joints, decorative joints, and the joinery system used for carcass construction in cabinetmaking. You will be given a daily challenge—and I know that you will succeed. This is the most popular class offered at the school so make sure you sign up early.

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