Joinery: A Systematic Approach with Steve Latta August 2, 2020 (Sun)


Key Points:
*Dimensioning strategies
*Sequential joinery – which cut, when and why
*Managing tear-out and other defects
*Bring a rhythm to your work
*Improved accuracy, efficiency and speed

Workshop Available

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There have been countless articles written about dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, etc. and their role in keeping a piece of furniture together over the course of time. Although solid joinery is essential to the success of the piece, it is only a part of the building process which, when viewed with a critical eye, is a performance art. In this demonstration based workshop, Steve will examine the fundamental process of joinery itself. He will start with the principles of dimensioning, then focus on which cut to make first and the successive order of cuts to produce a cleaner, more accurate joint, executed in less time. At least two forms will be discussed, bookcases and tables, and if time allows, corner cupboards as well. Bring a notepad and pencil; there will be many notes to take.