Introduction to Woodworking with Kim McNeelan May 28 - June 1, 2019 (Tues-Sat)


$825 tuition, $55 material fee
Key Points:
*Wood structure and what to look for when purchasing
*Shop safety
*How to mill wood
*When to use what tool
*Gluing up a project
*Surface embellishment through texture
*Introduction to power tools, including Kim’s favorite – the bandsaw
*What tools you might need in your home workshop

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This course is for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the ocean of woodworking by better understanding what tools are used for and the safe way to use them. Woodworking encompasses many different tools, styles, and ways of working. However, it all starts with some basic understanding of wood structure, how tools work, and which tools to use for different applications. After instruction and demonstrations, the students will have a guided opportunity to try all of the main tools in the wood shop. In order to apply this new understanding of woodworking and furniture making, the class will make two small projects: a cutting board and a picture frame. The cutting board project will come first, and the main learning outcome will be to understand how to mill wood to make boards “square”. The picture frame project will provide the opportunity to learn a little about joinery and how to embellish and create texture with various hand tools. This course will provide an abundance of information and will be a safe and exciting way to get started in woodworking!

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There is an annual, nonrefundable registration fee of $45.

This registration fee is not a part of the class fee and is not deducted from the final balance due. This is the financial binding that locks you into the class and starts the registration process. This fee does not apply to students who only take one single day workshop.