Introduction To CNC: Essentials for Woodworking with Randy Johnson April 26-30, 2021

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$865 tuition + $100 materials

Key Points:
*Develop your CAD/CAM CNC software skills
*Learn the fundamentals of designing for CNC
*Take the mystery out of machine feeds and speeds
*Pros and cons of various hold-down methods
*Practice the five essential CNC tool paths
*Make a CNC precision solid wood inlay
*Design and machine a 3D carving
*Add CNC to your list of woodworking skills

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More Information on this Workshop

This class is open to woodworkers of all skill levels. Prior CNC experience is helpful, but not required. This class provides a systematic approach to learning the essentials of designing for and operating a CNC router. Through a series of CNC projects, students will explore the essentials of 2D CAD design, precision layout techniques, CNC hold-down methods, decorative v-carving, CNC inlay techniques and basic 3D modeling. Students will also learn to set up and operate a benchtop CNC and are encouraged to personalize their projects and explore various design options. There will be plenty of materials available to cover mistakes or multiples of a favorite design. A step-by-step manual (written by the instructor) will be used in the class to guide students through the CNC project lessons. Most of the class time will be spent designing and machining projects, but Randy will provide daily presentations covering a variety of CNC topics from technical to creative, including tips and tricks he’s learned from his years working with CNC routers. A full version of Vectric VCarve Pro software will be provided to the students for use during the class. Prior experience with this software is helpful, but not required. Students are required to supply and know how to operate a Windows 7 or higher laptop computer and a scroll wheel mouse and must have administrative access to their computers, so they can install the full version of the VCarve Pro software at the class. Students may also bring their own CNC systems to gain a better insight into tune up and use of their specific machine.

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