Infuse It & Learn to Use It with Seebeck & Hedin September 27-October 1, 2021

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$225 material fee payable to Curtis

Key Points:
*Why and how to completely stabilize your material with vacuum infusion
*Equipment and tools necessary
*Stock selection and preparation
*Dyeing and double dyeing material during stabilization
*Casting resins on top of stabilized blanks
*Machining considerations for stabilized and cast blanks on the lathe and off
*New possibilities and potential for plasticized materials
*Make and utilize your own blanks to produce unique projects

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During this five-day hands-on class students will learn the process by which wood and many other porous materials can be impregnated and stabilized with resin, as well as how to cast blanks utilizing a variety of resins and techniques. Students will produce one-of-a-kind blanks from numerous materials and resins. Throughout the week they will incorporate those blanks into several small projects, ranging from decorative jewelry boxes to serving trays to small turnings and more. Imagine what can be done with wood or any other porous material once it has been permanently stabilized, removing the process of “movement” from the equation. Materials such as: punky and spalted wood, crotch figure, burl cap, veneer, cactus, mushrooms, corn cob, louffa, and even alabaster are all perfect to infuse. The techniques of stabilizing, dyeing, double dyeing, and casting resin on top of a variety of materials will be discussed and demonstrated. Come learn from two of the world’s foremost leading experts on the subject of stabilization and resin infusion. Curtis is one of the pioneers of the process of stabilization and Mark is the best when it comes to working with resins and epoxy. This simple but relatively unexplored process will change the way students work with any given material. Whether you want to turn a beautiful spalted piece of wood into a turned vessel or incorporate unusual materials into your work, you will not want to miss this class.

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