How to Turn an Exact Sphere without Measuring Tools with Hans Weissflog October 17-18, 2020


$350 tuition + $25 materials

Key Points:
*Make a cup chuck
*Turn a sphere without measuring
*Sand a sphere
*Hollow out end grain
*Prevent mistakes
*Gouge for hollowing out

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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In every woodturning apprenticeship in Germany, one has to learn how to turn an exact sphere without measuring. In this class students will get a very small part of this apprenticeship. Part of the class is explaining how to make a cup chuck and how this chuck works for making spheres. The sphere will develop from a square piece step by step. Everything will be explained very exactly, from turning with a gouge to using a skew chisel and sanding the piece without spoiling the shape. Every student will recognize how easy it is to work exactly when they know the little tricks. Depending on the time, Hans plans to have students hollow out end grain pieces with a gouge. But finding out how it really works is difficult. There are some points that create problems. Hans will help solve all of them, and in the end everyone will be able to use this system, which is really helpful at home in your own workshop.