Hot Glass Wow! Glass Blowing & Beyond with Paull Rodrigue April 27-May 1, 2020


$825 tuition + $80 materials

Key Points:
*Learn beginner techniques with molten glass and beyond
*Build confidence using hand tools and equipment necessary for glass blowing
*Hot Shop etiquette and safety
*Team work style glass making process. Keeping everyone involved
*Learn glass set ups and process to make the pieces you envision
*Decorating glass using various color applications and techniques
*Discovery of making forms functional and sculptural
*Discuss glass art and the history of glass making
*Glass Tricks that are widely used in the industry

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


This five day intensive workshop, students will be introduced to the exciting world of molten glass and glass blowing. This course will give students the know how of practical glass blowing and skills. On the first day Paull will introduce students to the Hot Shop, tools and the furnace as well as how to gather the glass, then make solid glass paperweights. Paull will discuss the history of hot glass and glass making. As the week moves on, students will learn about the intricacies of blowing into the glass learning the do’s and don’ts to make a successful blown piece of glass. Students will also be encouraged to work in a team helping each other blow, paddle, reheat, and punty the glass. Each participant will gain mastery of controlling the glass gaining confidence with their skills. On the last two days of the workshop, Paull will introduce how to add interest by using various color techniques and applications such as handles, thread trails and decorative color bits. Throughout the week students will maximize the hot shop time provided to make as much glass as the furnace allows. Everyone is encouraged to bring their ideas, pictures and dreams of what kind of glass pieces they love. Paull will discuss those techniques and possibly attempt a couple of them to show students how they can be accomplished. Strong emphasis will be focused on equal bench time, studio professionalism etiquette. The main focus will be to have fun and learn how awesome it is to work molten glass while making new friends along the way.