Handwork: Building a Classic Shaker Sewing Table with Chris Gochnour June 15-19, 2020


A cut list will be sent so you can BYOW

Key Points:
*Stock preparation with hand tools
*Through dovetailed drawers
*Sliding dovetails
*Shaping contours with coping saw, spoke shave and scrapers

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


The graceful lines, elegant joinery and simple features make Shaker pieces easy to identify and even more fun to build. This classic Shaker sewing table is no exception. It’s a great hand tool project and once completed provides a useful night stand, end table or occasional table. The table incorporates a range of joinery, including through dovetails, sliding dovetails, rabbets and grooves. Students will shape the contour of the legs with a frame saw, spoke shaves and scrapers. The tabletop is made exclusively with hand tools. Construction techniques include cross cutting and ripping of stock, edge jointing and flattening, and dimensioning using fore, jointer and smoothing planes. The column will be turned in advance. Those wanting to turn their own will be furnished with the needed pattern ahead of time so they can turn it before class. There will also be a few lathes available the week of class for student use. Students will leave feeling satisfied from creating an heirloom table with their own hands that will last for generations.