Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor April 6-10, 2020


$825 tuition + $40 materials

Key Points:
*Tuning all edge tools
*Sharpening western saws
*Using hand tools to create crisp cuts
*Making accurate layout tools
*Marking out and cutting joints
*Using hand tool applications

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


Literally anything can be made using hand tools, but not everything can be made with machinery. Understanding hand tools and how to use them will enable you to make furniture that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish by power tools alone. The ability to use hand tools will enhance your capabilities and accuracy when using machine tools. Hand tools, correctly prepared and tuned, reduce the need for skill and judgment; the tool will do the job itself. This course is about tuning and using tools as well as marking out and cutting half-lap, mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints. Stephen is so good that every woodworker at any skill level will benefit from being around him. He is a master teacher, fun and personable, and a fair golfer. Oh! Those handy handsome hand tools!