Hand Tool Techniques with Chris Gochnour June 12-13, 2021

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$365 tuition + $40 materials

Key Points:
*Chisel and hand plane sharpening demonstration
*Sawing exercises
*Layout and cut a practice dovetail joint
*Build a traditional dovetail drawer
*Build a traditional hand-cut mortise and tenon door frame

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More Information on this Workshop

This hands-on course will focus on two essential woodworking joints: the dovetail and mortise and tenon. Using hand tools and traditional techniques, students will build a dovetailed drawer that includes through dovetails at the drawer back and half-blind (lap) dovetails in the front. Students will also build a door frame using hand-cut mortise and tenon joinery. Chris will demonstrate how to make dovetail and mortise and tenon joints in a straightforward and efficient manner. Students will be able to apply these efficient techniques on any future projects. Since the weekend is not project driven, each student can work at his or her own pace, for a comfortable and natural learning experience. The emphasis will be on skill building so that hand tool time at the bench will be fulfilling and productive.

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