Hammer Making & Tool Making with Patrick Quinn August 19-23, 2019


$825 tuition, $50 material fee
Key Points:
*Hammer making
*Tool making

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This class will cover all the steps involved in making a 2.5 lb hammer. With a piece of 1045 grade steel, students will punch and drift the hole, forge the cheeks and forge the peen. The majority of the work will be done with sledgehammers and strikers; focus will be placed on proper striking techniques. “Striking” is done with a team of two; one to hold the piece and a tool, the other to “strike” with a sledgehammer. After the hammer is forged, all heat-treating steps will be covered, including hardening, tempering, and finishing (polishing the faces). Handle making will also be covered and students will leave with a handled hammer ready to use! After forging a hammer, students will then use this hammer to forge a set of double calipers. Focused on forging at the anvil and using various hand tools, this exercise walks students through such topics as clean forging, hot cutting, punching and drifting, shaping over the horn, and assembly of multiple moving parts through riveting. These calipers can be executed with low tech tooling in a professional smithy or in a home workshop. This workshop is packed with useful knowledge and perfect for the hobbyist or intermediate blacksmith. What an exciting opportunity to learn how to forge with hand held tools at the anvil, and use your newly forged hammer to make another valuable tool for the shop.

There is an annual, nonrefundable registration fee of $45.

This registration fee is not a part of the class fee and is not deducted from the final balance due. This is the financial binding that locks you into the class and starts the registration process. This fee does not apply to students who only take one single day workshop.