Glass Blowing Matriculation: Creating Vessels & Shapes From Molten Glass with Dave & Bryan Lee October 5-9, 2020


$825 tuition + $80 materials

Key Points:
*History of glass
*Working with hot shop tools and safety
*Creating solid glass paperweights
*Blowing cups/glasses, vases, and bowls
*Adding color to clear glass
*Creating various blown forms
*Adding bits and prunts
*Sculpting with molten glass
*Freeform experimentation and expression

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


This exciting five day class will give students the requisite knowledge and skills to rent bench space in most open hot shops around the country. Dave, together with his son Bryan, will introduce the students to the exciting world of hot glass and offhand glassblowing. On the first couple of days the class will get a look at the history of the studio glass movement, proper use of tools, and of course hot shop safety. The students, paired in teams of two, will begin working with the molten glass. Using the solid form, students will make paperweights and then progress into blowing glasses, vases, and bowls. On the third and fourth days, participants will build upon the skills learned in the previous sessions, continuing to work through new forms. The focus will now be on application of color and how it reacts, addition of “bits”, such as handles and prunts, to the blown form. Dave will also introduce freehand sculpting with molten glass. The last day will be the culmination with some fun options and freeform student experimentation. Caution: High adrenaline is to be expected and an addiction could be formed.