Getting the Most From Your Tablesaw with Stephen Proctor August 22, 2020 (Sat)


Key Points:
*Table saw set up and maintenance
*Blade selection and care
*How to make simple fixtures
*Cove cutting
*How to safely make complex cuts

Workshop Available

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I thought I knew a lot about table saws until 20 years ago when I saw Stephen Proctor do a table saw demo. It was a six hour presentation of which over four hours was all new information to me. Not only did Stephen cover the basic information such as set-up, blade selection and maintenance, he also demonstrated advanced concepts such as production cutting, curved coves and how to hollow out a seat for a chair. His discussion on getting the most from your table saw are incredible. When you consider that the table saw is the workhorse in today‚Äôs shop, it becomes apparent that this machine can do more than rip, cross cut and make dado or groove cuts. Stephen will begin the day by taking a look at both the exterior and interior workings of the table saw, guards, and fences so that students can gain an understanding of proper set up and maintenance. He then sifts through the marketing hype and talks about which blade or dado set works best for each operation. Demonstrations include ripping, cross cutting, dimensioning, cove-cutting, dadoing, rabbeting, tapering, and making special fixtures–all with a special emphasis on the crucial element of safety. It will be a full day with lots of information, so bring your notebooks and cameras!