Getting Started With Shaper Origin with Berkowitz-Mitchell & Stilwell July 12-13, 2021 (Mon-Tues)

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$365 tuition + $125 materials

Key Points:
*Best practices for setting up and using Origin
*Confidence with physical operation of Origin (body mechanics)
*Using ShaperHub to manage files
*On tool design creation
*Build a vertical workstation
*Advice on integrating Origin into your work
*The skills to confidently create with Origin in your own shop

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Workshop Completed

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More Information on this Workshop

Shaper Origin is a handheld precision router. Origin combines robotic accuracy with the flexibility of a hand tool. This two-day course will teach students what they need to successfully bring Origin into their own workshop. Learn about the machine and its capabilities, then get hands-on and build the Shaper Vertical Workstation, a fixture that makes it easy to accomplish fast and accurate joints. Optionally, this class leads into Intermediate Projects with Shaper Origin (July 14-16) where you can put your skills and newly minted Vertical Workstation to good use in two furniture projects. Shaper tools (Shaper) is a San Francisco-based company fusing robotics with handheld tools to simplify the process of making items.


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