Focus on Handworks: From Tools to Techniques with Derek Jones July 27-31, 2020


$825 tuition + $80 materials

Key Points:
*Choosing materials for specific tasks
*Techniques for consistent batch work production
*Dimensioning stock accurately by hand
*Joints for strength and beauty
*Create your own heirloom tools

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.


It should come as no surprise that the tools we connect with the most are the ones that often result in us doing our best work. It might be a physical connection like a perfectly fitting handle or something more subtle like a tool that’s been passed on from a loved one. Either way, the enjoyment they give increases with every use further adding to their value. Among the tools Derek likes using the most are those that he has made or bought from artisan craftsman who share a similar passion for making. This weeklong class is all about adding to that fine tradition. Students will discover how to select the most appropriate materials for a range of tasks and learn how to use hand tools effectively to make other hand tools. Students will start by making a small Japanese style toolbox before setting about the task of producing a range of tools and jigs to go inside that will become the heart and soul of your tool collection.