Fixing Woodworking Mistakes with Tim Puro June 6-7, 2020


$350 tuition + $45 materials

Key Points:
*Learn proper surface prep, or “When should I stop sanding?”
*Fixing glue splotches that appear during finishing
*Making loose mortise and tenon joints tight without starting over
*Changing a stain color after it has already been applied
*Making plywood and hardwoods match in color
*Getting a wood filler to take stain
*Using a thin brush, artist’s pigments, and an aerosol can of lacquer to hide a multitude of problems
*Learn the best way to avoid milling and sanding errors

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.

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Experienced woodworkers learn how to hide their mistakes. But anyone can learn the secrets of repairing gapping joints, fixing glue splotches under stain, or filling a hole made by a 1” screw driven into ¾” stock. All you have to do is learn the touch up and repair techniques of a furniture restorer. In his two day class, Tim will share the antique repair skills which are easily transferrable to fixing woodworking mistakes in new furniture. He will demonstrate filling dings, chips, saw kerfs, loose knots and dents in wood and making them almost unnoticeable. Reserve your spot in Tim’s class and you too can master the techniques of hiding woodworking mistakes!