Finishing the Finish with Mitch Kohanek August 10, 2019 (Sat)


Key Points:
*Understand how to properly use abrasives on coatings
*Understand how to abrade and “level” in between coats
*Accomplish sheens from satin to gloss
*How to choose and use polishes and waxes
*When to dry sand, when to wet sand


The last application of finish has been applied. What can be done next to improve the feel and the sheen of the finish? This is a one day “hands on” class to “finish the finish” using various abrasives, polishes and waxes to complete the project. Different coatings rub out differently. Solvent base, waterbase and oil finishes vary in how they respond to abrasives. Dry sanding, wet sanding, oil, pumice, steel wool, synthetic steel wool, rubbing compounds and waxes all create different visual presentations on different coatings. Bring some samples to work on and find the correct procedure and materials give the best finish to the finish.

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