Fine Finishing with Hardware Store Materials with Tim Puro June 26-27, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$365 tuition + $40 materials

Key Points:
*A system to experiment with finishes
*How to mix your own stains to get the colors you want
*Applying shellac with a golden taklon brush. (You get to keep the brush!)
*How to get spray gun results from an aerosol can
*Why yellow dye is a finisher’s best friend

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More Information on this Workshop

Does fine finishing require exotic materials and expensive spray equipment? Absolutely not! If you understand the properties of these hardware store materials, you can finish like a pro: Zinnser seal coat universal sanding sealer, aerosol gloss spray lacquers, Minwax golden oak and Minwax Puritan pine stains, Old Masters heavy-bodied cedar and dark walnut stains, Old Masters grain filler natural, and Red Devil lye and roofing tar. Over a period of two days, Tim will help you master these conventional (and unconventional) finishing materials to produce professional looking finishes for cherry, walnut, mahogany, and even birch plywood. While the material list is short, Tim will show you how to skillfully use these products to create multi-step, professional looking finishes. Students will spend the majority of their time in the finishing shop, applying stains and dyes to sample boards to create finishes that are rich and deep looking. At the end of the weekend, students will leave with sample finishes for birch, cherry, walnut and pine that look fabulous, and even more importantly, they will acquire the skills to participate in the finishing process, not just observe the results. As for the roofing tar and lye secret, you will have to sign up for the class to learn what that is all about!

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