Federal Table Legs with Steve Latta July 24-25, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$365 tuition + $40 materials

Key Points:
*Stringing: straight line and complex patterns
*Ornamental ovals: making and modifying simple paterae
*Banding: making and setting bandings
*Bellflowers: making, shading and setting them in
*Sand shading materials and techniques
*Jigs and fixtures for a wide range of legs
*Stringing materials: what works best and where to get it

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A Federal table leg is one of the best mediums for expressing the many forms of inlay. A typical leg has a beautiful oval adorning the pilaster, one or two decorative bandings and a variety of stringing patterns as well as other decorative motifs. Although Steve will focus on classical designs, students will learn about contemporary styles as well. Steve will touch on many variations and pack a great deal of information and hands-on experience in this two-day class full of great little tidbits that students will never find in any book.

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Federal Table Legs with Steve Latta July 24-25, 2021