Explore the World of Sculptural Furniture Using Digital & Conventional Tools & Techniques with Tim Celeski June 1-5, 2020


Students can purchase plywood material at the school or a cut list will be sent so you can BYOW

Key Points:
*How to create elegant three-dimensional sculptural designs
*How 3D designs are converted into 2D parts
*Learn new production techniques to make precise fits
*New methods in pattern shaping and CNC jigs
*Learn engineering challenges for producing sculptural furniture
*Three construction techniques for building sculptural furniture
*How to blend multiple wood parts into smooth 3D forms
*Develop the skills and inspiration

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Furniture is functional and for the most part, two-dimensional. Sculpture is three-dimensional and about form. In this exciting new class students will combine sculptural forms into a furniture project and see how three-dimensional forms are created and converted into parts for a furniture project. Students have a choice of two class projects: a contemporary bench or a coffee table. The sculptural bench is made from segments of plywood, the coffee table of stacked layers of laminated hardwood. The focus of the class is on how sculptural designs are created and produced and the new construction methods for making this unique furniture. Students will learn how to make and use precise jigs, patterns and fixtures for our parts as an alternative to CNC machining. Both machine and hand techniques are used to blend parts into flowing 3D shapes. Though 3D CAD design and CNC machining will be demonstrated, prospective students do not need a digital woodworking background for this class.