Epoxy Serving Tray with Mark Hedin May 2-3, 2020


$350 tuition + $85 materials

Key Points:
*Creating one-of-a-kind decorative epoxy surface treatments
*Learn about the advantages of epoxy coatings for durability and structure
*Familiarize yourself with the principles of pattern routing
*Make and take home your own personal jigs for accuracy and repeatability
*Options for finishing the wooden components
*Assembly and glue-up strategies
*Take home two finished and ready to use serving trays

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In this two day hands-on workshop students will make two different beautiful and functional serving trays with decorative and durable epoxy coated panels. Each tray will feature a unique and one of a kind design generated by the individual student, though sample designs will be available. The process of creating the designs and coating the panels will be covered in depth as well as considerations for machining epoxy panels to finished dimensions. In addition to learning the technique of utilizing epoxy for decorative purposes, students will learn about some of the advantages of this under-utilized material in terms of durability and structure. During class each person will make the jigs necessary to create the shaped handles for their serving trays. Jig construction considerations as well as the principles of pattern routing will be discussed. Options for applying various finishes to the wooden tray handles and frame will be covered and demonstrated so students can decide which finish they would like to use. Come enjoy a weekend of woodworking and learn how to utilize epoxy to create breath taking beautiful, yet incredibly durable functional art forms. Each student will take home two finished serving trays and the jigs necessary to make many more.