Elegant Details with Garrett Hack August 8-9, 2020


$350 tuition + $25 materials

Key Points:
* Making various tools for fine inlay work
* Learn how to inlay fine lines of wood, metal
* How and where do you use these details
* Fashioning a tool for cutting useful beads
* Inlaying into surface panels, diamonds, other shapes
* Working with shell, bone and metals for inlaying

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Details can add fun and interest to your furniture, and they are practical — softening an edge or lightening the visual weight of a part. Students will explore lots of practical details and techniques — at their own pace — making delicate string or line inlays, cutting in surface inlays such as panels or diamonds, making patterned bandings, and using non-wood materials such as metal, shell or bone. Garrett will also focus on complementary moulded edges, chamfers, side beads and proud cockbeads which can be used to highlight the edge of a table apron or drawer. Most of the techniques taught during the weekend will focus on hand skills, so naturally sharpening, tuning, and using hand tools will be discussed. Students will even make some of those hand tools, such as the amazing scratch stock, which is used to cut precise inlay grooves and small molded surfaces.