Easy Wood Identification with Seri Robinson July 25-26, 2020


Key Points:
*Types of cells in wood
*Difference between hardwoods and softwoods
*Hand lens ID of temperate woods, focusing on rays, parenchyma, and vessel arrangement
*Hand lens ID of temperate conifers, focusing on transitions and resin canals
*Micro anatomy intro and how to ID conifers with a microscope
*How to cut and properly mount wood slides
*Wood ID under a microscope
*Light intro to tropical wood ID

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item


Wood ID is incredibly simple if you know the key features to look for. This weekend class delves into wood identification in a fun and energetic way. Learn about how trees grow, the different ways cells can be arranged, and how to use those arrangements to identify a host of temperate hardwood species. Softwoods and tropical woods will also be covered. Seri will also briefly discuss microscopic wood ID, and students will get a chance to make slides and use a microscope in a fun, stress-free class.