Dyes, Stains, Glazes & Toners with Mitch Kohanek October 3, 2020 (Sat)


Key Points:
*What do professionals use to color wood
*What procedures do professionals use that you can use
*Importance of layering colors
*How to correct the color once it is applied
*Learn the importance of correct wood finishing terms

Workshop Available

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This class is for those who want to understand what options there are for coloring wood. In this intensive one day class, Mitch will help students understand the coloring techniques that professional wood finishers use every day from one step coloring to multi-step coloring techniques. Mitch will demonstrate how dyes, stains, glazes and toners work on a variety of woods using an array of coatings. What will be of interest to everyone in the class is how to use these materials to “layer” one color on top of another color. Being able to mix and blend colors together is an important skill for the professional finisher because it affects all dyes, stains, glazes and toners. Mitch will introduce the color wheel and its affects on how to find the desired color. Applying a “color on top of another color” is a technique used to shift a color from being an unattractive color to a gorgeous color. Getting to know these finishing terms and applying them to wood will make finishing fun.