DIY Spalting with Seri Robinson July 31-August 1, 2021

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$200 material fee payable to Agriculture Research Foundation

Key Points:
*Learn about the history of spalting in woodcraft
*Crash course in fungal anatomy
*DIY spalting
*Working with spalted woods
*Learn about groundbreaking new developments in spalting research
*Experiment with fungal dyes
*Learn the safe ways to handle fungi and safe ways to work with spalted materials

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Learn the history and modern science of DIY spalting. Mixing lecture with laboratory processes, students will learn about the fungi that cause spalting, their growth conditions, learn how to keep them alive, and to pair them to achieve the best patterns. Students will get access to the entire spalting fungal catalogue and will learn all the techniques needed for DIY at home spalting. Note: This class will focus on live fungal spalting, not the extracted pigments.

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DIY Spalting with Seri Robinson July 31-August 1, 2021